Women’s Cosmetics

Women’s Cosmetics

How much do you think women spend on cosmetics every year? A couple of million, a couple of billion even, well, try around $7 billion, that’s 7 billion dollars worth of “natural beauty” in the United States. Of course, nobody likes to look like they’re getting older, after all, 60 is the new 40 right, and Grannies don’t look like Grannies any more. They aren’t content to have a blue rinse perm and knit for their grandchildren these days, no, some natural looking hair color to cover the gray hairs, a designer cut and a few trendy clothes and they’re out and about, enjoying their retirement and why shouldn’t they? They’ve earned it, mind you, a little bit of forward thinking is always a good idea too.

Unfortunately, some people think that it’s all gone a little too far. Is it just me or is this pursuit of eternal beauty becoming an obsession which can become a real burden on girls and women everywhere? The pressure to be slim, have a polished appearance and be successful all at the same time is just too much for many, alright, well that’s my excuse anyway!  Back to reality, many of us take a great pride in our appearance and like to make the effort. It’s a well known fact that buying a new lipstick or nail polish can cheer up even the most miserable of girls, even if it’s in a shade she knows full well she’ll never actually be brave enough to wear!

Essential Women’s Cosmetics

These days we are becoming more aware of what is actually used to make our cosmetics. We want to know, basically, what we’re putting on our faces don’t we. The most popular make up ranges these days are not tested on animals and are hypo-allergenic so that they don’t do any harm to our skin. After all, skin is a very delicate organ and should not be abused, pushed, pulled or dragged because it quickly loses its elasticity and the dreaded wrinkles appear, or as I prefer to think of them “wrinkles are only signs of where smiles have been” and anyone who doesn’t have any wrinkles must be a downright miserable so and so!

Women’s Cosmetics Must-Do’s

Natural beauty is all well and good when you’re in your teens, but it gets to take much longer and more stuff to look so naturally beautiful as you get older.

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize. The basics of a good beauty regime. You can’t paint a nice picture on a bad bit of canvas can you?
  • Foundations are much lighter than they used to be, thank goodness. Avoid at all costs the “ring” around your chin area, make sure that you blend into your neck area properly. And don’t imagine that one color will do for whatever the time of year, your natural color does change with the seasons so make sure that you use a suitable color. Green based foundation colors are good for those with a natural “ruddy” complexion, you know, like you’ve been outside in a cold wind for half an hour, or those who get a little flushed after a glass or two of wine – think ahead. There are many tinted moisturizers which work really well these days, just to smooth out your complexion a little without getting too heavy.
  • Shaders (remember rouge?) we won’t even call them blushers any more, after all, blushing is something we’re trying to avoid here. But a nice subtle bit of shading can work wonders for your overall appearance.
  • Mascara is something that no self respecting girl can live without, but do make sure that you pick a brand which doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve got panda eyes after half an hour. Many of these volumous mascaras now make your lashes so much longer and thicker, it’s fine if you’re onstage or want to look like a tranny, but please, use a little common sense.
  • Lipgloss is great, (notice I didn’t even say lipstick). Lipgloss is great for just making your lips shine in a more natural way. Lipsticks are also brilliant, but make sure that the effect remains balanced. Always use a lip liner to stop your lipstick color from escaping and spreading around your mouth like you’ve sucked a red ice lolly, it looks horrendous – if you don’t have a lip liner to suit every shade, why not just buy one which is kind of “lip” color, that way you can use it with all of your lipsticks. These days you can buy lipsticks to volumize, make it look like you’ve had Botox and stay looking fresh all day without coming off onto your coffee cup, your guys cheek or somebody elses guys collar! Yes, lipstick really has come a long way.
  • Nail polish is fantastic until it gets chipped, then it’s a great big no no. Always use at least two coats of polish for a really deep color. Nice brightly colored nails are another way to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling a bit low, go on, paint them!
  • Perfumes are big business too. Every pop singer, actress and celebrity seems to think it’s essential to have us all smelling like them. When choosing a perfume make sure that it suits you, after all, some perfumes react differently to certain skin types, and a perfume which smells divine on one person might not have the same effect on another. And don’t overdo it, you don’t want to leave everybody choking in your wake do you?

There are so many great places where you can buy women’s cosmetics online, you don’t even have to go to the drug store any more. Go on, see what you can find and I guarantee that when it arrives in your mailbox it’ll cheer you up and make you smile.

If I may just finish with a fine quote from a fine lady of cosmetics, Dolly Parton, “you’d be surprised at how much it costs to look this cheap”!